Should You Settle in a College Town

Maybe you spent some of the best years of your life in a college town, but living there long-term can present some challenges. U.S News and World Report has some points to consider before you make a decision. More, here.


38871472 - athens, georgia, usa downtown cityscape.
38871472 – athens, georgia, usa downtown cityscape.

Housing Starts Reach New High

Housing starts have rebounded to their second-highest rate since the recession. Overall starts are 5.6% higher when compared to a year ago. Also, the National Association of Home Builders said builder sentiment rose slightly in August. More, here.


House Construction (2)

Mortgage Rates Up Slightly

Mortgage rates have risen slightly, but are still historically low. Sean Becketti, chief economist at Freddie Mac, said “A surprisingly strong July jobs report showed 255,000 jobs added and 0.3 percent wage growth from last month, exceeding many experts’ expectations.” More, here.